Frequently Asked Questions

What is KonnectAgain?

KonnectAgain is a cloud-based solution that enables companies to forge strong relationships with their former employees. We build communities for companies, enabling them to manage their alumni communications, networking, events, groups & job openings on one seamless, easy-to-use platform.

What’s the purpose of an Alumni network?

An alumni network enables companies to stay in touch with their former employees. Although they have moved on, many alumni are still interested in maintaining a connection with their former employer and colleagues. There are many benefits for employers, such as re-hiring employees who have gained valuable skills & experience as well as referrals & business development opportunities.

What is the difference between KonnectAgain and a LinkedIn Group?

KonnectAgain is a private network owned and controlled by the employer. The employer decides who can join and can influence the type of content that is shared within the alumni network. They can post job openings, host events, search the member directory, start discussions and build sub-groups for alumni. A LinkedIn group must be owned by an individual or individuals, this can be an issue if the group owner leaves the organisation, such is the case with the majority of LinkedIn groups. There is also very limited or no functionality in terms of direct communication/messaging, job openings & events.

Is it possible to restrict users from publishing content?​​​​​​​

Yes, this is customisable. The community administrator can decide whether alumni have the ability to create content such as events, groups, jobs & links.

Why should I care about my former employees?​​​​​​​

In many cases, by the time an employee leaves an organisation, the employer has already invested a significant amount of time & resources in recruiting, onboarding, training and developing the employee. By forging strong relationships with these connections employers may be able to re-hire employees down the road after they have acquired news skills & experience. Maintaining a connection with alumni can also lead to referrals & business development opportunities.

What are boomerangs?

The term boomerang refers to employees that leave an organisation on good terms and then return back to that organisation at a later date. This growing trend is becoming more and more popular throughout business. A recent Kronos and Workplace Trends study showed 76% of managers are more open to rehiring former employees than they were 5 years ago.

Can I manage alumni events through KonnectAgain?

Yes, you can host events on the platform. You can create, invite and manage events with KonnectAgain. Attendees can see who else is attending and can also comment on the event page.

Can anyone join our alumni network?

No, this is a private network. People can only view the network if they receive an invitation from you to join or if you approve their request to join.

How do I get my alumni to join our network on KonnectAgain?

There are a number of ways to get your former alumni to join your alumni network. Firstly, we can send a personalised invitation unique to the individual which enables them to join easily. Secondly, if people hear about the alumni through word of mouth or social media they can request to join. You can then approve or decline their request as you see fit.

Can I share my jobs with my alumni?

Yes, there is a dedicated jobs section where alumni can search for and apply for jobs. Alumni also have the ability to refer candidates to the job openings.


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