Manage, engage and track your alumni network

  • Members

    Search, group and email your alumni with our comprehensive members directory. As an administrator you can import and browse your community, vet who can join and add relevant details to member profiles.

  • Groups, Events & News

    Connect your past employees across the globe, host your alumni events and keep your alumni in the loop and up to date with company news and developments.

  • Emails

    Build, send & measure. With our email marketing platform you can manage all alumni communications via individual campaigns. See how your email campaigns are performing in real time through our analytics dashboard.

  • Analytics

    Monitor and understand your community engagement with real time analytics. See what content is performing best and who your most engaged users are. They could be your newest sales leads or your next hire!

Engaging Community Portal built for the modern employee

  • Discover

    Your alumni can search for events, groups and content using our smart search. Relevant content is also suggested to them based on their interests.

  • Network

    Enable your alumni to reconnect with old friends and discover new opportunities.

  • Jobs

    Share vacancies directly with your alumni via the built in job board. They can apply themselves or refer a friend.


With today’s content overload it’s vital to engage users about things they care about. Our tagging system allows a user to set their preferences so we can suggest the right news to them at the right time, leading to a more engaged, active and vibrant community.


Your alumni is your greatest untapped asset. Knowing the company they can be advocates for your products and services. Former employees are also ideally placed to refer talent into the business or boomerang back themselves. Your best new hire could be an old one!


With our in depth analytics you can finally understand what your ex-employees want to hear about. Gain insights about what news items, groups or events are most engaging and leverage this to improve your content strategy. You'll also have access to our expert team who have experience in growing engaged communities.


Having an engaged alumni community sends a strong message culturally that you care about your employees both past and present. Returning employees also dispel any myths about the faraway hills being any greener!

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