About Us

Thanks for checking us out :) We are KonnectAgain and we are passionate about building alumni communities that allow organisations and former employees to stay connected in a meaningful way. We founded KonnectAgain in 2013 after we experienced the challenge of trying to connect with our own alumni. Our platform has been developed to lead the way for the changing workforce of today and tomorrow!

Learn a bit more about what we do from our CEO, Jayne in the video below.


Come join our “K”ommunity!

We are putting the “K” in Kommunity! Our team at KonnectAgain are disrupting how companies look at their past employees. We’re helping businesses understand the value in building engaged alumni communities.

Why KonnectAgain?

  • You love online communities and are actively involved in probably a few too many :)
  • You dreamed of having a % of your role dedicated to innovating
  • The idea of your role having a massive impact on the company growth appeals to you.
  • You like to be involved in lots of parts of the company and are comfortable stepping outside your comfort zone.
  • It’s all about rocking the CX
  • Analytics and data are an exciting topic for the water cooler
  • You want to be disruptive and transform the way we connect with the workforce of today & tomorrow
  • You’re not afraid to make a playlist of your favourite Guilty Pleasure Songs and share it to all our followers on social media. Check out our growing playlist. Let us know what's missing.
  • Interested? We’d love to hear from you. You can konnect with us through our email [email protected].

Positions Available

Community Manager

Location is flexible. KonnectAgain is based in New York, Dublin and Lisbon.

Sales Development Representative

Opportunities in New York City and Dublin